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Reflections From the State of the Union

On my flight home to the better Washington, I can’t help reflecting on my experience attending the State of the Union and the days leading up to it. As I think about how it all came together, I have to say that the opportunity to be here and to be doing this work must have been a prayer that was answered by my Creator. The mission of Skillspire is so much bigger than the business. It is to create a future for overlooked talent. To train and support historically under-represented populations and create a clearer path to realize the American Dream. The committed individuals who graduate from our programs are hard-working, grateful and resilient. With mentorship, support and networking, we can help shape them into even more productive citizens of our society with promising careers and futures.

During the address, I sat next to an American-born Syrian who was there to represent and fight for his father, imprisoned in Syria. But I couldn’t help noticing that the room was filled with mostly older, white men (especially among the Republicans). How can these people understand the struggles a new immigrant goes through, struggles that shape them, that show them how to take on life’s challenges with a smile and a positive attitude? I also sat a few seats away from the First Lady, also an immigrant, and thought about how important a network is to get ahead in life. You need allies, supporters who believe in you and advise you to take the next big leap of faith!

Skillspire is looking to capture the amazing work ethic and talents of immigrants, women, and other underrepresented populations for our economy by helping put them to work in the tech sector at an accessible cost. We prioritize keeping our tuition as affordable as possible. Our goal is for our local tech sector to look more like the populations it serves. If you are interested in a career change to Full-Stack Web Development/Data Analytics/Cyber Security, or if you are an employer looking to support our community and potentially diversify your workforce, reach out to us. We are looking to grow, and we would love to hear from you.

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