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Student Testimonials – Gabriel R Cerrillo

Skillspire has been huge impact preparing me to take the first step towards my goal as a information security specialist. One thing for sure skillspire has given me the confidence in myself to learn and progress in the field of cyber security. The fact that they have a super flexibility to work around your schedule with a full-time job has made it easier for myself and other students as well. Having instructors who motivate you and make you feel comfortable to where you don’t ever feel like there’ s dumb question. The Cyber Security course has been amazing preparing for my first step. Loving the part that all assignments were hands on training and step by step on how to do the work was mind blowing.

For instance, I never knew about Kali Linux, and to learn how to download it using virtual box was amazing you can so many things using Kali Linux. Skillspire has given the knowledge on how Hackers think using Hacker Methodology. Knowing how the steps begin and end has given me a true understanding of the hacker world and how they cover their tracks. Having a lot of time to do your assignments has been a great value in the course especially with a rough year 2021 has been skillspire understands that things happen in life, and it can affect your schoolwork. Having an instructor who can explain things without making it complicated and putting things in simple terms has made the course less confusing.

My experience after graduating in a course at Skillspire has been amazing they help you with your resume to make it look professional and neater. They help on how the interviews are going to be like and what the employer is going to look for from an applicant. Being partnered up with companies that will hire fresh graduates and giving students start on they’re careers excites me. It took me months to find out about Skillspire, I couldn’t find a school that was flexible, affordable, and willing to accept students with no experience in the field that they wat to enter. When I first attended for my full-stack web development course for JavaScript I did not know how to use a laptop, not even know to create file and save anything little know how to use command prompt. I had to learn how to code and use a laptop at the same time and with Skillspires help I was able to over come the odds and succeed. The same goes for my Cyber Security course didn’t know anything about networking, Linux, etc. But it was possible I will be recommending anyone who doesn’t know where to start, no experience, and affordable school I will be sending them to Skillspire.

I am happy to say that I came from Skillspire and it help me take the first step towards the life I want and deserve. Thank you.

– Gabriel R Cerrillo

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